Skylynn + Colby | Sunflower Engagement Session

When Skylynn messaged me about her recent engagement with the idea of shooting in a sunflower field, I knew that Gilliam, LA would be the perfect spot for these photos with her beau, Colby! I took some photos here a few years ago, and have been obsessed with these blooming fields ever since. There’s usually an annual sunflower festival here from late June to sometime in July, but they had to cancel it this year. (I’ll give you one guess as to why, lol.) That probably ended up working in our favor though (less people) and these fields were just as beautiful as I had remembered!

Fun fact: These fields are not open to the public year-round. However, the farmers plant these sunflowers for the public to enjoy and take photos with while they’re in bloom!

Colby, Skylynn, and I had so much fun at this session. I always joke with Colby about his grumpy pre-session man-mood and how I have a record going for getting him out of his mood throughout the session. We all end up laughing so hard during the whole thing, and he may not ever admit to this, but I am about 99% sure he secretly loves every minute of taking pictures with his lady… 😉 I can’t wait to celebrate with them again at their wedding next year, and hopefully a few more times between now and then!



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