Matt + Sarah | Monahans Sand Dunes Anniversary Shoot

I think I am now forever spoiled by everything about this trip. #1, Matt and Sarah are a DREAM to photograph because they have such insane chemistry together, they’re naturally playful with each other, and they are literally up for anything I throw their way. #2, where else on the planet could I ask a couple to tackle each other, run and jump off of the top of a hill and roll down, roll around together all over the ground, or make sand angels?! Seriously, Monahans Sandhills State Park is an absolute dream location. (Well, except for the grains of sand angrily pelting us in the eyes the entire time because of the ridiculously strong wind gusts, but it was worth it.) This will hands down be one of my all-time favorite sessions for years to come, but if you think these are amazing…. Just wait until you see their vow renewal in Big Bend National Park. 😉



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