Haily | Terlingua Ghost Town

Checklist for Friday, June 5th:

  • Leave Brownsboro at 9pm
  • Sleep in the car while Jordon drives Haily and me 8 hours across Texas
  • Eat breakfast at a sweet little cafe in Fort Stockton around 8am
  • Arrive in Big Bend National Park around 10:30am
  • Spend 3+ hours driving through Big Bend, stopping to climb random stuff and doing our best to avoid allllll the prickly plants
  • Buy authentic Mexican souvenirs from the border of Texas and Mexico at Boquillas / Rio Grande
  • Spontaneously decide to venture out to Terlingua Ghost Town
  • Even more spontaneously decide to do an impromptu session in said ghost town
  • Drive 2 more hours and check in to AirBNB, realize there is no central A/C, die a little inside 
  • Realize that almost every single place in Marfa is closed thanks to Covid and/or ridiculous small-town operating hours
  • Take a huge risk and go eat at El Camino Cafe in Lost Horse Saloon
  • Huge risk = huge reward: the tastiest burgers in the whole desert and the world’s most humorous locals to entertain us with their way of life (also, see doppelgängers for Sam Elliot, Brad Pitt, and the Netflix actor who played David Koresh in “Waco”)
  • Have entirely too much fun at El Camino
  • Watch Jordon sprint back to the AirBNB to get first shower dibs
  • Load Terlingua photos onto computer
  • Load into editing program
  • Edit my heart out

Seriously y’all, I have no words. This day was freaking long and hella hot, but WOW it was so much fun! We didn’t even think we’d get to see Terlingua on this trip, much less shoot there… So I am THRILLED that we were able to do both!! We’ve got a whole lot more planned for the rest of our weekend in West Texas, and it’s going to blow you away, I promise! Stay tuned!



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