Parker + Sariah | An Intimate Boho Backyard Wedding

My little brother got married in August, and I had the privilege of photographing some parts of his and Sariah’s wedding day, along with her bridals! Sariah was the most gorgeous bride, and leave it to Parker to have the world’s best reaction to seeing his beautiful wife-to-be walk toward him down the aisle! Wedding days can be so hectic, full of behind-the-scenes chaos and craziness, but the moment the music started at their ceremony, it was like it all instantly faded away and there was just suddenly this incredible peace surrounding everyone. Their wedding ceremony was so full of emotion and love, from the heartfelt lyrics in the worship songs to the symbolism of the foot-washing ceremony; from the tears in our moms’ eyes to the words spoken over the couple during the prayers of our families and friends; from the surprise on Sariah’s face upon seeing her wedding ring for the first time to the love-filled, hand-written vows; from the meticulously chosen decorations to the people surrounding my brother and his bride, supporting and encouraging and serving them on their special day. It’s so easy to get caught up in the “pretty” when wedding planning, but I can honestly say the thought and love and care put into this day by the bride and groom, their families, and their friends was invaluable, and it was so evident as these two said their vows and celebrated their love for each other. I couldn’t have ever imagined a more beautiful ceremony, and I hope it was everything they wanted and more. Cheers to new beginnings, memories in the making, and a lifetime of adventuring!



  1. Nicole says:

    These are phenomenal! 
    Also, Sariah’s sister = ADORABLE. 

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